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Music Lessons for Team Players

Music Lessons for Kids receive their certificates

Two years ago we were a solely private lesson music school.

Our studio director, Mrs Kelsey, had grown up taking private piano lessons and sitting solo exams. She really only interacting with other musicians as we passed each other at the beginning and end of class.

Collaborative music making was mostly only done with the teacher. When it came to recitals that was often the first or only time that she got to meet other like-minded students.

While dreaming about her perfect ideal of a music school for young people, Mrs Kelsey knew that she wanted to have more opportunities for students to connect with each other. Imagine students work collaboratively, building friendships, and to knowing that there were ‘kindred spirits’ around who had similar interests to them. Music lessons for kids that wanted to be part of something!

So the Brilliant Teams were born!

Four house teams that students would be a part of: think Harry Potter but with music-magic instead of wand-magic!

🟢Basso 🔴Gliss 🟡Forte 🔵Trill

Four house teams where students had a home and a network of other students who were all connected in a special way and all working together towards a bigger goal.

And it worked!

  • Students started asking who else was on their team
  • Searching for the names of other students on the wall of stars
  • Connecting with each other around the leaderboard to celebrate their progress (the benefit to their intrinsic motivation is a whole other post!)

Team Forte collected their well earned award after they were named team of the year for collecting the most points!

A perpetual trophy takes pride of place in the foyer just waiting for this years team to claim it!

At our school, your child will find connection, inspiration and motivation. We are music lessons for team players!

Enrolment closes in just a few days, so don’t wait!

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