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3 Ways to Spark a Child’s Musical Interest…

…Even if you know nothing about music!

So you’ve been told that exposing children to music from a young age holds many benefits. But you are busy and never really learned or understood music yourself! It can be overwhelming to even know where to start off. Here are 3 simple ways to spark a child’s interest in music!

#1 – Help them identify when they hear music in everyday life.

We all know children’s minds are like sponges; they are constantly observing and trying to interpret the world around them. Help your child identify musical sounds by starting to clap or dance when you hear music in everyday settings such as on the radio, in an advertisement or out and about.

#2 – Experiment with found instruments.

Your imagination is the only limiting factor here! Cooking utensils on pots and pans is a classic found instrument. You can also experiment with things that shake, rattle, or scrape. Try plastic bottle with some rice inside, a pencil along the ridges of a tin can or rubbing together some scrunched up paper.

#3 – Sing about everyday activities.

You do not have to be Maria Carey to spark your child’s interest in singing and we promise that singing off key will not permanently ruin their musical ear! Singing silly songs about everyday activities not only makes the activity more engaging and memorable for children but soon you will hear them start to make up their own songs about the things they are doing.

We hope you can put some of these simple tips into use today! Comment below with any other tips or tricks for parents.

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